The Hierarchy of Collapse 

Year: 2019-

Format: 21 x 29,7 cm

Technique: Watercolor, graphite,

charcoal, colored pencil and thread

on paper

Inspired by distant planetary nebula, The Hierarchy of Collapse is an evolving archive, depicting emerging moments of existence and change. Collected in book form or exhibited in interrelated constellations, each rendering represents a macrocosm of its own, resembling remote nebulae or microscopic bacterial cultures; sites of death, birth, growth and decay.

I'm drawn to the cosmos, symbolically, as a safe, abstract space for reflection. There is something vast and lonely about outer space that I compare with something human, like the wandering consciousness of the mind. 

In this project I explore the archive as an overall working structure, editing and displaying works in constantly changing combinations, structures and hierarchies. 

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